artist's statement

Artist name:
Dana Pandici
1967 1967 Timisoara / Romania
Lives and works:
next to Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

The palpable real world is not apparent to the mere human perception, it comes to us only as behind a veil deformed by a web composed by our own mental structures. My works demonstrate my fascination for the human behavior. The wellspring of my images derives from a combination of my own personal memories and my perception about reality.

Take for example the series “Being alive is a privilege – human dignity against cynicism” (series of photography, 2012-2013) The view of bondage – girl could be in our over sexualised „you-porn „ – society an everyday image of normality. However, this could not apply for the millions of women touched by the human trafficking. They sense this ignorance of the suffering screamed in the face as pure cynicism.

Could the sight of a frail dead feathery newly hatched chick floating in black, in his total vulnerability, let us cold? The chick is here the epitome of a cold-blood society who gives life to destroy it on the spot in case of no immediate needs. I question myself: who gives us this right?

The photograph „Evolution – Madonna of the Future „ refers to „Cloning“. The bloody animal skull and the beautiful maiden who keeps it on her lap shows a society who wishes to give life on its own purposes, to create fittings and spear parts or mirror their ego clones in the offspring. The dignity of the bondage – girl in Word or Body is trampled under foot.

I am and always be outraged of the ignominious „modern way „ of women‘s slavery where the dealer is rubbing hands by explaining why one should offer girls on catalogs: the girls want it, they are happy to …. I am not happy to present you this. I am happy if you see it.